What Is Şile Cloth?

Sile Cloth is a fabric exclusively specific to Sile, which is woven from cotton threads at hand looms. It is named after Sile, because it was first woven in this traditional Turkish town.

Sile Cloth is used for the manufacture of a wide range of clothes, covers and various home-textile items. As it is made of 100% cotton, it does not cause sweating and it is non-allergenic and healthy.

Sile Cloth has a wide range of uses since it is a comfortable, light, cheap and healthy natural cloth. In addition, items made from it are used as ornaments and accessories after they are embroidered with authentic and artistic patterns.

Originally woven at hand looms in Sile, this cloth is now woven at automated looms as the demand has greatly increased. The thread used in Sile Cloth is Ne 20 cotton yarn.

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